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As a leading store implementation and brand activation company in GTR, we are proud to introduce our sustainability and eco-friendly initiative, reXtore launched in 2019.

With so many retail furniture, fixtures and merchandising that often end up in landfill sites, reXtore was born with the idea to change the way travel retail companies create and dispose by starting to offer those unwanted retail displays to charities.

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With this experience, not only our client's furniture could have a second life but we could go further and help our clients to reduce the production of their furniture by focusing on re-using their existing assets.


Today, reXtore offer many more solutions to client who wants to get into sustainability; we have an experienced team who can offer different solutions based on client's needs. If you have unwanted fixture, fixtures to re-use, project that you would like us to design/ implement in a more sustainable way, reXtore can help you throughout any stage of your strategy and offer a complete proposal.

 Interested to know more and to make a move into sustainability?

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