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  • Nicole Mezzasalma

How to make marketing activations more sustainable

FMCG companies spend large amounts of their marketing budget to produce furniture for promotions and activations, often following toolkits and guidelines that make it impossible for the same units to be used across different brands.

We at Concourse have created a modular system to design furniture that not only can be easily reused and rebranded but is also produced with components that can be reusable together and are made of a range of eco-friendly materials.

Using ECOR boards to replace MDF panels and aluminium frames instead of stainless steel, our modular units are also much lighter, which results in a reduction in CO2 emissions from transporting the furniture between locations and warehouses. The materials can also be easily separated for recycling at end of life, once they cannot be reused again.

By reducing the recurring promotional costs, we can make your activations more profitable, while also protecting the planet. As more companies move towards sustainability reporting, we can also track not only financial savings but also CO2 emissions prevented, providing a clearer picture of your marketing carbon footprint.

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