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  • Nicole Mezzasalma

Sourcing sustainable materials

At Concourse, we are constantly thinking about how to make the furniture and other items we produce better for the planet, and an important part of that is the sourcing and specification of sustainable materials.

The first breakthrough we have found is ECOR, a replacement for MDF, fibreboard and plywood, which are used to manufacture 95% of fixtures. ECOR is made from waste fibre, water and heat only, which means it is 100% bio-based, made with fully recycled waste materials, 100% recyclable and cradle-to-cradle compliant.

We are currently developing a network of factories in Asia and Europe that can

produce these boards on a large scale and also receive the used boards back where we can directly recycle and make into new boards. This will make the manufacturing process fully circular.

Another innovation available is eco paint, another 100% biomaterial. These high-quality paints are made from food waste including grape skins and corn husks. The paint has one of the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ratings of any paint available and can be tinted to any colour and gloss level.

Our team is constantly researching new sustainable materials too - if you are a supplier, contact us as we are always looking for new partners.

Paint photo credit: United Soybean Board

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