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Covid Testing Concept

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Unblocking Travel.

A unique solution to a unique problem. Vitacheck has created multiple solutions to help make you and your community safe again.

The past six months have seen unprecedented changes in the world around us and how we live. The world of travel, local and global, is stuck. Vitacheck is here to support the delivery of world class localised health.


Created during 2020 Vitacheck Health brings together leading companies from the following industries:

  • Large Scale Health Screening

  • Global and local pathology labs

  • Health Technology Providers

  • Travel and Events Project Management

  • Digital Technology

  • Financial Capital

Why Test & Track? The world and its governments have struggled to contain this virus as it has spread around the world in under 6 months. How does testing help? Knowledge and Data:

  • Testing allows areas of infection to be isolated and treated quickly

  • Virus management is about containment. You cannot contain what you cannot see.

  • Testing provides the visibility to where the virus is located

  • Tracking allows us to stop it spreading

  • By combining the physical and digital, Vitacheck provides the only complete solution.

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