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5,000 activations and projects in over 350 global travel retail locations.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Over the last 10 years we have delivered over 5,000 activations and permanent visibility projects in over 350 global travel retail locations.

We have 200 plus projects running at any one time These projects vary from activations to permanent visibility projects for our brand owner client base through to large retail implementation projects for retailers

How do we run so many projects around the world at the same time?

All client projects are run using the project management module of TRAM which is our preferred project management and asset management platform created by DistilIT.

During the rapidly changing needs of retail, we have developed a number of innovative and agile solutions to support the drive to get retail on the move within the duty free environment. Working with Brand Owners, Operators and Airport owners, from testing facilities and digital apps to combining the power of physical and digital retailing we are creating some great solutions and most of all partnerships.

The map below shows where we are working now. Please reach out to explore the opportunities we can create together.

We are engineers, we are project managers, we are global, we are agile and we are resourceful.

As always, Duty Free...Hassle Free..

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